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Flavoxate hydrochlorideand its main metabolite methyl flavone carboxylic acidMFCAis an antispasmodic selective to the urinary tractIn animal and human studiesflavoxate hydrochloride has been shown to have a direct antispasmodic action on smooth muscle fibres.

The dosage is based on your medical condition and response to therapyYour doctor may lower your dose after your symptoms have improvedThe length of treatment depends on the cause of the problem.

NOTESDo not share this medication with others.This medication has been prescribed for your current condition onlyDo not use it later for another condition unless told to do so by your doctorA different medication may be necessary in that case.This medication may relieve the symptoms of a bladder infectionurinary tract infectionUTIor prostate infectionHoweverit does not treat an infectionAn antibiotic may be needed if you have an infection.

USESThis medication is used to treat certain bladder/urinary tract symptomsFlavoxate is a smooth-muscle relaxantIt works by relaxing the muscles in the bladderFlavoxate helps to reduce leaking of urinefeelings of needing to urinate right awayfrequent trips to the bathroomand bladder painThis medication does not treat the cause of your bladder symptomse.gurinary tract/bladder/prostate infection or inflammation

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