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Some people who take olanzapine extended-release injection may get a very bad muscle problem called tardive dyskinesia.

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Dizziness/low blood pressure upon standing Weight gaindose dependent High levels of triglycerides in the blood High cholesterol Drowsinessdose dependent Extrapyramidal symptomsEPSdose dependentmuscle spasmsjerky movementsslow movementsDry mouth Weakness Dizziness Accidental injury Insomnia Elevated alanine aminotransferaseALTlevel Constipation Indigestion Elevated levels of prolactin in the blood High blood sugar Low blood pressure Tremor Weakness Restlessness Parkinsonism reactions.

DATA COLLECTION AND ANALYSISData were independently extractedFor homogeneous dichotomous data the random effects relative riskRRthe 95confidence intervalsCIandwhere appropriatethe number needed to treatNNTwere calculated on an intention-to-treat basisFor continuous data the reviewers calculated weighted mean differences.

While olanzapine demonstrated anticholinergic activity in vitroexperience during the clinical trials revealed a low incidence of related eventsHoweveras clinical experience with olanzapine in patients with concomitant illness is limitedcaution is advised when prescribing for patients with prostatic hypertrophyor paralytic ileus and related conditions.

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