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Sinemet is comprised of two medications, levodopa and carbidopa.

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Levodopa aloneas well as SINEMETis associated with dyskinesiasThe occurrence of dyskinesias may require dosage reduction.

Bizarre breathing patternsfaintnesshoarsenessmalaisehot flashessense of stimulation.

Swallow SINEMETwhole or as half tabletsonly if told by your doctorwith a glass of water.

NMS is an uncommon but life-threatening syndrome characterized by fever or hyperthermiaNeurological findingsincluding muscle rigidityinvoluntary movementsaltered consciousnessmental status changesother disturbancessuch as autonomic dysfunctiontachycardiatachypneasweatinghyperor hypotensionlaboratory findingssuch as creatine phosphokinase elevationleukocytosismyoglobinuriaand increased serum myoglobin have been reported.

Cardiac irregularitieshypotensionorthostatic effects including orthostatic hypotensionhypertensionsyncopephlebitispalpitation.

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sinemet retard is a white, crystalline compound, slightly soluble in water, with a molecular weight of 244.

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