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Tinidazole is significantly metabolized in humans prior to excretionTinidazole is partly metabolized by oxidationhydroxylationand conjugationTinidazole is the major drug-related constituent in plasma after human treatmentalong with a small amount of the 2-hydroxymethyl metabolite.

Tinidazole is a synthetic antiprotozoal agentTinidazole demonstrates activity both in vitro and in clinical infections against the following protozoaTrichomonas vaginalisGiardia duodenalisalso termed Glambliaand Entamoeba histolyticaTinidazole does not appear to have activity against most strains of vaginal lactobacilli.

FDA pregnancy category CDo not take tinidazole during the first 3 months of pregnancyTell your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant during treatment.

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