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I was born in 1963 and my mom took tetracycline while pregnant with my sister and i we are twins .

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With renal impairmenttetracycline should be avoided because it can cause further deterioration of kidney function and the drug tends to accumulate in the serum12 Tetracycline is slowly removed by hemodialysisbut not very well by peritoneal dialysis13 Caution is advised in administering tetracycline in patients with hepatic impairment because this may result in liver damage.

The most common mechanism by which microbes become resistant to tetracyclines is decreased accumulation of drug into previously susceptible organismsTwo mechanisms include 1impaired uptake into bacteriawhich occurs in mutant strains that do not have the necessary transport systemand 2the much more common plasmidor transposon-mediated acquisition of active efflux pumpsThe genomes for these capabilities may be transferred either by transductionas in Staphylococcus aureusor by conjugationas in many enterobacteriaA second mechanism of resistance is the production of aprotectiveprotein that acts by either preventing bindingdislodging the bound drugor altering the negative impact of binding on ribosomal functionAmong the tetracyclinestigecycline is characterized by less resistance due to efflux or ribosomal protectionRarelytetracyclines can be destroyed by acetylationResistance develops slowly in a multistep fashion but is widespread because of the extensive use of low concentrations of tetracyclines.

Tetracyclines are broad spectrum antibiotics often used to treat skinchesturethraland pelvic infectionsDoxycycline is indicated in a wide range of infections including syphilisLyme diseaseQ feverRocky Mountain spotted feverand plagueIt is also widely used for malaria prophylaxis.

In this work is presented the processes of obtaining tetracyclinethe treatment of their waste and the environmental impact assessment of waste containing tetracycline.

Many of them behave as weak acids or basisundergoing ionization in the pH conditions found in the environment;

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distinguishing lyme from positive country handle slimmer in minocycline doxycycline and tetracycline lyme bmd clinicians.

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